Borders Challenge

In 2012, we initiated the October Borders Challenge – a new concept in fundraising, to coincide with National Arthritis Week, which takes place each year in October.

aruk-balloon-901x1024The idea was that individuals and groups from all areas of the Borders would be encouraged to organise small and not so small fundraising events throughout the month. The message was “do something small to make a big difference.”

It has become so successful, with many people joining in to help fundraise throughout the year, that it was decided to rename the initiative the “Borders Challenge”.

Added together, the small sums of money raised each year have resulted in a considerable amount of money raised for Arthritis Research UK and will continue to do so in future for Versus Arthritis.

Each year, the Borders Challenge has continued to grow and so far has raised:

  • 2012 £3,500
  • 2013 £5,000
  • 2014 £8,000
  • 2015 £4,500
  • 2016 £9,965
  • 2017 £5,000 (new accounting year)
  • 2018 £11,177.95 (45th anniversary year)